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Summer School

Click here for a sampling of the 2011 summer programs.

Develop a summer plan today to accelerate school success tomorrow.

Summer is often filled with a variety of activities and incorporating an academic plan to keep the brain engaged over the break is more important than ever. It is critical to avoid brain drain, fill gaps in knowledge from the previous school year or take this as an opportunity to get ahead. Taking advantage of the summer break will ensure your child will be even more successful throughout the school year. To determine whether your child could potentially benefit from a summer program, ask the following questions:

  • Is my child below grade level or does he or she need more practice in a certain area?
  • Does my child consistently need help at home to get good grades?
  • Am I unsure of my child's ability to excel in the upcoming school year?
  • Has my child received a D or F in a required class?
  • Does my child always appear to struggle at the beginning of the school year?
  • Is my child almost ready to step up to honors or accelerated classes but needs a little extra help?
  • Should I be helping my child use the summer to get a jump start on the college application process?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can develop a summer plan to fill in the gaps or meet your next goal. The first step is an in-depth assessment and we will then create a plan just for you. A choice of small group classes or individualized instruction will allow your child to learn in an environment that fits their needs.

Whether a student is required to repeat a class, needs a refresher course before moving forward, desires academic enrichment, or wants help with planning for college, we can help.

Call us today for dates and times and let's work together to accelerate your child's success.