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Subject Tutoring

We improve your child's skills and confidence. Your child gets better grades

NewPoint Learning Center provides individualized and customized tutoring to help your child improve their grades immediately. We start by defining a personal best plan for each and every child that takes into account their unique learning needs. Our one-to-one subject tutoring programs are customized to help each child get exactly the help they need to master the skills. Our tutoring programs can help build a great foundation in math, reading, writing, science or any other K-12 subject. Soon, your child gains the confidence to learn to become more independent learners.

Our experienced, highly trained tutors provide expert academic tutoring for students in elementary, middle and high school.

Individualized & Customized - Every child learns differently and at NewPoint, we understand. We offer individualized instruction by qualified teachers who tailor each tutoring session to your child's needs.

Effective - We measure our success against your child's success in school and keep you informed along the way. As tutoring progresses, we adjust our approach to maximize your child's results.

Expert Tutors - Our tutors are experienced teachers who strive to help students reach their potential.