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Study Skills Building

Cultivating Independent Learning

We welcome you to partner with us to develop your student's Personal Best Plan for improving study skills.

Using effective study skills is vital to becoming a strong student. Developing specific habits and routines can help the student organize tasks and assignments, set priorities, manage time and fulfill responsibilities. By exploring new study strategies, students can learn the difference between rote memorization and deeper understanding of the material. They can become more active and successful learners.

Study Skills Groups

  • Develop students' critical reading and study strategies, note-taking, test-taking, time management and organizational skills
  • Focus on teaching and modeling study strategies
  • Incorporate practice with real classroom materials
  • Maximum 10:1 student to teacher ratio

One-on-One Study Skills Instruction

  • Uses customized curriculum based on the student's immediate and long-term needs
  • Focuses on teaching, modeling, and application of study tools and strategies
  • Allows for flexible scheduling
  • May include communication with classroom teachers (with parent consent)