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College Planning

Deciding where to go to college is usually the most important choice of a high school student's life, and making the best decision takes research, time, and determination. College counselors assist students on that journey of exploration and self-discovery, helping them set goals for their future and showing them the steps to take to reach those goals.

College planning at The NewPointLearning Center helps high school students and their parents navigate the world of college admissions. Our comprehensive approach guides students through each stage of the college planning process. We gather information from students and parents to develop a list of appropriate match schools. We also identify areas to improve during a student's time in high school to increase their success in college.

Our services include the following:
  • Career planning
  • Personality testing
  • Study skills assessment
  • College research
  • College list recommendations
  • High school curriculum advising
  • Extracurricular advising
  • Scholarship search assistance
  • Application management assistance (including essay assistance)