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ACT Preparation

We welcome you to partner with us to develop your Personal Best Plan for ACT preparation.

Build Confidence and Increase your Score

NewPoint Learning Center creates a customized Personal Best Plan for each individual student regarding test preparation. Call today to learn more about when your student should take the ACT, how it differs from the SAT, and how they can best prepare, taking into account their academic and previous score history.

Small Group ACT Preparation

This comprehensive program teaches students about the structure of the ACT, how to set and achieve score goals using pacing, specific test-taking strategies for each of the five sections of the ACT, and reviews and reinstructs major concepts covered in each section. With a maximum 10:1 student to instructor ratio, students receive individualized attention and are able to apply what they learn in class to homework exercises and practice tests.

ACT Boot Camp

This five-hour program is designed to reduce students' test anxiety and increase their familiarity with the format of the ACT. It is appropriate for students taking the ACT for the first time or to kick off longer-term one-on-one test preparation. Students receive detailed information on each section of the test, learn how to set and attain score goals, and are introduced to basic strategies that will help them improve their scores.

One-on-One ACT Preparation

Our one-on-one ACT preparation is a highly customized offering based on the individual student's skills, needs and goals. The student and parents meet with the Center Director to review score history, academic record, and objectives, and together they create the student's Personal Best Plan for success. The student then meets with expert instructors for highly tailored individual lessons designed to improve scores through practice with new test-taking strategies as well as specific skill review and/or remediation. The length of the program will vary depending upon each student's goals.

*ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product or service.