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Ann Arbor, MI
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Why Choose Us?

Report Card Experience. Since 1999, NewPoint Learning Center has collaborated with families, schools and learning experts to help thousands of children become more confident and better prepared to achieve their potential. Our tutors are experienced teachers who are respected for their ability to connect with the students.

Individualized. We understand that each student is unique. We approach learning holistically to address the specific learning needs of each student. Unlike other learning centers, most of our tutoring is one-on-one starting with the materials the student is using in the classroom. Regardless of the current achievement level, we can help your child meet their goal for academic success.

Support. Our highly qualified educators and staff provide a dynamic, adaptive and nurturing learning environment in which your child can succeed. In addition to individualized tutoring, college planning and test preparation, we offer evaluation and specialized services through our network of learning experts that can identify barriers to your child's performance and address patterns of learning strengths and deficits.

Results. Our students reap the benefits of our holistic approach to individualized learning with increased success in school and at home.