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Individual Services

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Individual college counseling is customized around the specific needs and schedule of each student. These services are offered in packages, and pricing varies depending on each student�s needs and the year they begin working with a counselor.

Students are encouraged to begin meeting with one of our counselors as soon as they begin high school. Freshmen and Sophomore Packages usually include 3-4 sessions per school year and emphasize course selection, activity planning, career exploration, and college research.

Our comprehensive Junior/Senior Package takes students through the entire college planning and application process and includes college selection, application management, essay editing, and assistance with the financial aid/scholarship process. We recommend that students begin this comprehensive package early in the fall of their junior year, and we prefer they begin no later than March of that year. Students who begin after July 1st of the summer before their senior year can work with us on an hourly basis, but because of time constraints, will not be able to take advantage of our comprehensive services.